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PRI has built a strong reputation in the dental community since it first provided dental liability insurance to New York dentists in 2000. We insure the finest dentists and protect them aggressively. With over 34 years’ experience in the medical malpractice insurance field, our company is highly respected by its insured and sought after by healthcare professionals in New York.

As a licensed and admitted carrier regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services, PRI’s policy holders enjoy all of the regulatory and statutory safeguards and protection afforded by the provisions of the New York State Insurance Law.

Consider the benefits of a PRI Dentists’ Professional Liability Policy

$50 New Dentist Malpractice Insurance Policy

PRI offers dentists who are new to practice a First Year $50 Policy with $1 Million per claim/ $3 Million aggregate limits of liability when meeting PRI’s requirements.

Competitive rates for dental malpractice insurance in New York

  • Annual Pre-pay Option
  • Risk Management Discount
  • Claims Free Discount
  • Part-time Discount
  • New Dentist Discount
  • No exclusion/no charge for use of Botox
  • Plus:
    Additional discounts which can further reduce your premium

Broad dental liability coverage, including:

  • Vicarious liability
  • Locum Tenens
  • Entity coverage with shared limits
  • Claims-Made or Occurrence Policy
  • Nose Coverage
  • Employees other than dentists are insured
  • Defense for administrative action or investigation by New York Division of Human Rights, OPD or OSHA
  • Enhanced limits available that meet Hospital requirements to receive Free Excess Coverage
  • Risk Management Advice is available to insureds during business hours
  • Aggressive handling of claims
  • Outstanding customer service
  • Waiver of tail premium upon retirement (prior acts) coverage, when meeting PRI’s criteria, which limits are renewed 100% on an annual basis indefinitely
  • A one-time application process
  • Quarterly Risk Management Alerts

$50 New Dentist Malpractice Insurance Policy

  • $50 New Dentist Policy offered to dentists who are new to practice
  • New Dentists must apply within twelve months of completing their training in order to qualify for the $50 New Dentist Policy
  • Broad coverage, including Botox, excellent customer service, Risk Management Alerts, and advice are included with the purchase of a $50 New Dentist Policy
  • 60% second year discount, 25% third year discount, and 10% fourth year discount on policies for New Dentistss
  • Dentists who have recently graduated and are new to practice can get more information regarding Dental Malpractice Insurance by contacting our specialists at 1-888-526-4006 or by emailing us at

Premium waivers for PRI dentists

  • Military Leave of Absence
  • Temporary Disability Leave of Absence
  • Maternity Leave of Absence
  • Further Education
  • Waiver of tail premium upon retirement (prior acts) coverage, when meeting PRI’s criteria, which limits are renewed 100% on an annual basis indefinitely.

Payment options

  • Annually (Additional 2% Discount with this option) / Quarterly - No Finance Fee.
  • Credit card

PRI offers a home study Dental Risk Management Course which is offered, free, to our insured dentists. Completion of this program affords a dentist a 10% premium discount for three years.