Risk Management

Our risk management team is staffed by former risk and quality improvement professionals with many years of hands on experience in a variety of healthcare environments. PRI is committed to the improvement of patient safety, satisfaction and health outcomes with the aim of reducing claims. Some of the value added services you’ll enjoy as a PRI insured include monthly audio conferences on important issues, onsite surveys, customized claims reviews, data analyses inclusive of tracking and trending and access to a host of resources in this highly specialized field. All resources and services are available at no additional cost to policyholders.

Highlights include:

  • Risk Management Conferences

    Every year, PRI sponsors a host of conferences exclusively for our clients. These conferences, attended by administrators, risk and quality management personnel as well as physicians examine important trends in risk management and healthcare and are an excellent opportunity to network, exchange ideas with your peers, and share best practices.

  • Historical Medical Malpractice Claims Analysis

    Utilizing our advanced in-house claims management system, PRI prepares customizable reports tailored to meet the needs of each client and inclusive of the latest claims data available. Reported indicators for both professional and general liability include: claims per policy and loss year, claims costs based on the total incurred amount, descriptive categories identifying the issues or adverse events, recommendations for improvement and up-to-date publicly reported industry benchmarks and measures. Click to view a sample report. Monthly dashboards tracking claim and incident data are also available by request.

  • Audio Conferences

    PRI offers audio/web conferencing capabilities. This allows us to share up to date, relevant information on a myriad of topics with clients in a time efficient manner. Each participant can dial-in from the comfort of their own computer without having to travel to a central location. Topics for discussion are based on client feedback and the latest industry news and trends.

  •  Networking Meetings

    Networking is an important component for today’s risk managers and our regional networking meetings facilitates the sharing of ideas and best practices. Each session includes an open forum for urgent topics and is driven by our clients.

  • Online Risk Management Courses

    Our award winning online interactive risk management and patient safety programs are designed to minimize the frequency and severity of claims, and are available to our insured facilities using actual case studies. In these courses, the causes of medical errors will be explored and the techniques to help prevent their occurrence will be examined. CME credits are available.

  • Annual Survey

    As part of our underwriting process we may require a professional and general liability survey of the facility. This includes a tour of the facility, review of the facilities’ Performance Improvement Plan, document reviews and random medical record and credential record review. Results of this survey along with suggestions for improvement are provided to each client.

  • Focused Surveys

    In addition to general and professional liability surveys, we also conduct focused surveys for high risk departments. These surveys are led by experienced professionals adroit in that specialty.

  •  Reserve Audits and Loss Runs

    Customized claims audits can be conducted for hospitals seeking a second opinion on the adequacy of their reserves during self-insured policy years. Loss runs are generated quarterly, or as otherwise requested, and are readily available in spreadsheet format, hard copy or electronic versions.

  • Actuarial Analyses

    PRI’s in-house actuaries perform special studies and analyses that can be made available via customized reports on an annual or quarterly basis.

  • Resources/Publications

    Look to PRI as a resource for state of the art information on risk reduction techniques, quality metrics, patient safety strategies and related topics.

PRI has offices on Long Island and Rochester, New York.

For additional information please contact:

Diana Moore, RN, CPHQ, CLNC, Director of Hospital Risk Programs, Department of Hospitals and Special Programs, 315-506-6768, d.moore@medmal.com, www.pri.com