Employment Contracts – Beware of the Internet!

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Employment Contracts – Beware of the Internet!

Many of my clients feel the need to save some money by using an employment contract they found on the internet. They are not state specific. The law in New York differs from the law in Pennsylvania. Physician are not trained in contract law. Does the contract state under which state law a dispute will be adjudicated? Is there a clause that a dispute will be resolved by arbitration? Are you sure you want that? Why? Does your restrictive covenant clause have a time and geographical limitation that is enforceable in the area where you practice? What is enforceable in a rural area might not be enforceable in an urban area. Is it indeed an employment contract and not an independent contractor agreement? You need a health care attorney to do this, not the internet. You, the practitioner, often deal with the aftermath of trying to save a few dollars by not using a health care attorney early on in the process. That is why we are here to help.

Courtesy of Frier Levitt (frierlevitt.com)