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PRI is pleased to be able to provide New York State chiropractors peace of mind.

We offer quality professional liability insurance coverages that are competitively priced and backed by PRI’s aggressive claims handling. Included with these offerings are a variety of discounts and services.

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Premium Discounts

Risk Management Discount

10% premium discount for successful completion of PRI’s Risk Management Program.

Joint Defense Discount (VAP)

7% premium discount for agreeing to a combined legal defense.

No Consent Discount

5% premium discount is offered to physicians who grant PRI the right to settle any claims made against you without your prior written consent.

Part-Time Discount

50% premium discount is offered to physicians in non-surgical specialties who work a total of 20 or less hours per week.

Scheduled Rating Discount

Up to 15% premium discount

Experience Rating Discount

Up to 10% premium discount

New Doctor Discount

Available to chiropractors who apply within 90 days of completing their residency or for those beginning private practice for the first time.

Claims-Made Policies: 50% for first year, 25% second year and 25% third year.

Occurrence Policies: 50% for first year

Policy Forms

Claims-Made policies covers claims for incidents that occur while your policy is in effect and are also reported while your policy is in effect.

Occurrence policies cover claims arising during your policy period irrespective of when the claims are reported.

Annual Pre-Pay Discount

2% premium discount is offered to chiropractors who make a full annual payment prior to their due date.

Payment Options

  • Annually (Additional 2% Discount with this option) / Quarterly – No Finance Fee.
  • Credit Card