Letter from the CEO

Anthony J. Bonomo, PRI’s CEO

PRI was founded in 1982 by a small group of doctors committed to offering comprehensive professional liability coverage at an affordable price. By setting up the company as a reciprocal and investing heavily in risk management, the company generated significant attention and grew quickly. Today we insure over 12,000 doctors and several hundred healthcare facilities, making us the second largest professional liability carrier in New York State and one of the 10 largest carriers in the U.S.

PRI has built its strong reputation over the years through a commitment to ensuring that malpractice insurance remains affordable and, more importantly, by contributing to quality healthcare outcomes.

PRI’s resources and programs lead the industry. PRI has embraced emerging technologies and has developed one of the most comprehensive databases in this specialized field. Our risk management education programs have garnered a number of awards. We are always looking for ways to extend this value, such as our recent partnership with another doctor insurance company to export our expertise in limiting liability.

These programs are backed by experienced people at every level of our business. From our Board of Governors comprised of physician subscribers and insurance executives, to our claims team’s blend of medical and legal expertise, PRI is staffed with knowledgeable professionals.

While we are proud of our success, there is still a great deal we can accomplish. We are dedicated to playing an important role in shaping the future of malpractice insurance. By working closely with our insureds, regulators and legislators, PRI can help put new ideas to work to create a lasting, stable healthcare ecosystem focused on quality of care.

Sincerely yours,
Anthony J. Bonomo