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We are YOUR ADVOCATE in the current litigious medical climate.

With decades of experience in medical liability litigation, PRI maintains a team of highly trained, experienced, professional medical liability claim specialists, who provide claims assistance for all insured specialties and facilities throughout NY State.

Our claims specialists investigate, analyze, strategize, and compile a comprehensive summary of the medical events, expert opinions, and legal / insurance issues that will have an impact on your case. All claims and suits are reviewed by a TEAM of medical, legal and insurance experts, who will partner with you to develop the appropriate strategy for obtaining the best result for your case. You will be assigned to a claims specialist and defense attorney (if appropriate), who will keep you informed of case developments, both of whom you are encouraged to contact at any time if you have questions or concerns regarding your case. You can rest assured that YOUR TEAM will make decisions to protect your interests, as YOUR PEACE OF MIND and EXCELLENT REPUTATION are OUR TOP PRIORITY.

For general inquiries please contact our Claims Handling department.

Reporting a Claim

Claims should be reported directly to the Claims Department. You can report a claim via email, by phone, fax or in writing. A Claims representative will be available to take your call.

Report a claim

Claims History

For credentialing purposes, PRI is able to provide a loss run/claims history for individual practitioners or facilities. To request a loss run/claims history, please contact or email the Claims Department.