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Dear Doctors,

During this noteworthy time in the healthcare industry, we wanted to reach out to our physician partners regarding the digital conversion of medical records and physician health information. PRI will provide a series of updates to convey how we are integrating this significant IT transformation into our product strategy and services. PRI is dedicated to taking whatever steps are necessary to help our insured’s understand the maze of information about these changes and the medical industry’s overall transformation to a paperless environment, as well as to be an advocate specifically as it relates to Medical Risk Management.

PRI believes that converting to an electronic format will have many financial and medical risk prevention benefits. There are also potential pitfalls associated with the use of health information technology that you should be aware of. PRI is committed to help guide you through the plethora of information that you may or will be receiving on matters related to electronic medical records and health information exchanges, as well as to help position you and all of the PRI members to benefit from it.

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