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PRI COVID-19 Information
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Your Trusted Partner
for Over 35 Years

For more than three decades, PRI has been steadfast in our commitment to policyholders. We leverage our knowledge to provide you with the best defense and counsel to protect your practice and your personal reputation.

Relationships Built on
Trust, Professionalism
and Exceptional Service

PRI takes pride in our relationships with the medical professionals we insure. We’re built to ensure that your needs come first, and that we deliver the responsive service you need.

As Physicians Ourselves,
We Understand Your Needs

As a physician-run company, we know the complexities of the medical world first hand. We bring a physician’s perspective to every aspect of our work for you.

Strength and Stability
When You Need it Most

The most important factor in selecting a malpractice carrier is knowing they will stand
behind you every step of the way. PRI is committed to being here for you.

How We Help

Risk Management

PRI proudly offers innovative and proactive risk management services to our insureds. This support of our insureds and their practices is based on well- established patient safety principles that help ensure the delivery of safe and effective care.

Peer Support

PRI has an innovative, confidential program to assist our physicians when faced with an unexpected complication, medical error, or malpractice litigation as well as concerns about stress and burnout. Our Physician Peer Support program can help our physicians both on a one-to-one basis and through participation in the Group Peer Support experience.

Claims Handling

PRI “has your back” in these litigious times! Our team of experienced medical, legal & insurance professionals will investigate, analyze and strategize to achieve the best resolution of your claim. YOUR peace of mind and reputation are OUR TOP PRIORITY.


PRI offers professional liability insurance solutions for Physicians in virtually every discipline, as well as Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, Chiropractors and Dentists. Medical Entity and Excess coverage are also available. Our coverage solutions are complimented by a variety of discount options including part-time, no-consent, risk management and more.


PRI’s knowledge, understanding and unique perspective of the ever-changing and complex healthcare market is what makes us different. If it’s a hospital, medical facility, large doctor group, medical school, or alternative risk transfer, PRI provides innovative insurance solutions to address the needs of nearly every healthcare entity.

I have been insured by PRI since joining my current Nephrology Practice, who have been using PRI for more than 10 years. They provide exceptional educational sevices to help a new physician adapt and understand the inner workings of medical insurance as well as risk management in order to reduce claims that can be made against you. I feel completely confident in their support and service. Their online services are user friendly and easy to use. They also offer great customer service. Their approach is highly personal and professional. I am pleased to have coverage from PRI and looking forward to maintaining this relationship for a long time.

Tazleem Khan, MD

We have been insured by PRI for our medical malpractice insurance since 2002.  They have unparalleled customer service.  We joined a large hospital group four years ago and they made us switch to another company.  We are happy to say that we left the hospital group and have rejoined PRI for our medical malpractice insurance.  They are less expensive and offer more concierge service.  We are confident that if we ever need to defend a claim they will go above and beyond for us.

Andrew Satran, MD

PRI has been my malpractice insurer for more than14 years. Their professionalism and communication is exemplary. The Underwriting Department has always provided outstanding service in responding to the needs of our practice.  PRI truly cares about and supports its insured physicians. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Adam Schneider, MD

I have been insured with PRI for 18 years and for me, the diligent care and personal touch they provide have always been appreciated. All the advice I have received from PRI has been spot on!  I have enjoyed the benefit of PRI’s CME Education programs which are both practical and informative.

Richard Lippmann, MD

PRI has been my malpractice insurance carrier for almost 20 years.  I never thought of changing carriers, despite having received cheaper quotes for coverage from other companies.  The amount of confidence I have in PRI and the level of comfort I have in interacting with PRI’s staff are what keep me with PRI.  PRI not only insures its clients, but also guides and educates them to avoid lawsuits.  Should you be sued, PRI would be on your side.  I would not hesitate to recommend PRI to my peers.

Masoom Qadeer, MD

I have been a PRI policyholder for my entire career. They have always been quick to respond, friendly, and courteous. More importantly, in times when I have needed them most, they have been steadfastly by my side and actively advocating for me. They have always been more than willing to discuss issues at length and offer a very personal and professional relationship. Any physician and colleague would be exceptionally well served and satisfied with the organization.

Eric Koch, DO

PRI has been my medical malpractice carrier for more than 18 years. Their professionalism, care, motivation and dedication towards their doctors has been nothing but superior and unparalleled in that industry today.  PRI has the most reputable law firms that possess exceptional knowledge and expertise required to handle any case in the field of medicine, surgery and anesthesiology.  I feel secure knowing that PRI is my medical malpractice carrier.

Ashraf Toma, MD

Physicians’ Reciprocal Insurers has consistently, and without exception, conducted itself in a highly professional and exemplary manner displaying the support and empathy required of a carrier that represents the needs of its physicians. PRI’s underwriters have distinguished themselves in this regard serving as effective leaders of the organization’s mission and demonstrating an air of professionalism, dedication and sincerity sorely lacking and unparalleled in this industry today.

Jonathan H. Sherwyn, M.D., F.A.C.S.

PRI provided us with step-by-step guidance on how to use the updated broker portal on the new website.  I was pleased with all of the technological advancements being done at PRI. The new website and it’s enhancements will allow us to better service our clients by making information available at our fingertips.

Gabriele Lamb

I recently called PRI to get a quote as I was looking to change from a competitor. Since my first day as an insured with PRI the process has been seamless. Their customer service has been excellent. Anytime I have needed help, had a question, or required documentation, the turnaround time has been minutes. I cannot say enough about how pleased I am with my experience at PRI and actively recommend PRI to my colleagues.

Tejas Patel, MD

“PRI has been our Physician’s medmal company collectively for over 20 years. They have been a dynamic leader in the Urgent Care market having gone to bat for our Physicians to create new cost effective products backed by a stellar Physician Board and a premier Leadership team that gets what matters to each of us. We feel secure knowing that we are PRI insureds.”


PRI distinguishes itself from other carriers in the collegial manner in which it handles suits.  It has always been run by physicians for physicians.

Joseph Feinberg, MD

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