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PRI takes a multi-faceted approach to
risk management.

Our philosophy is grounded in patient safety principles, through which we seek to help our physicians prevent patient injury and the lawsuits which result. Our programs are developed and managed by seasoned healthcare professionals who understand the complexities of medical practice in today’s environment.

Our comprehensive risk management services, which are complimentary to PRI insureds, include:

In-office consultations for small and large practices

Telephone consultation on risk management and legal issues (during business hours)

Web-based online educational programs with 24X7 access

Live seminars and workshops, providing in-person access to our experienced risk management faculty


Loss Prevention Manual for Medical Practices

With over 160 pages of comprehensive risk management and patient safety principles, PRI’s Loss Prevention Manual provides the reader with essential tools that are instrumental in protecting patients. Areas covered include patient follow-up, medical records, consent issues, and practice coverage issues, to name a few. The in-depth content is universal to all medical practices. Click below for a sample of topics included in the manual:

Download An Excerpt From Our Loss Prevention Manual

This comprehensive reference of risk management and patient safety principles is complimentary for PRI insureds and is also available to non-insureds for $25.00. To order, contact the Risk Management Department.

Premium Discount Programs

PRI offers live seminars and web-based online premium discount programs which also earn participants CME credit.

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Peer Support Program

PRI has created a new and innovative program designed to assist our physicians when they face an unexpected complication, a medical error, or malpractice litigation. This program is intended to help support our physicians if they encounter these stressful experiences.

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