COVID-19 Reopening

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COVID-19 Reopening

Now that many of you will be reopening your offices, here are a few reminders of best practices to protect both you and your patients:

  1. Make sure your charts include any and all telephone encounters with your patients during your physical closure.
  2. Make sure you have hand sanitizer readily available to your patients and staff.
  3. Make sure all your Oxygen, emergency kits and injectables are up to date and not empty.
  4. Make sure your printer has enough ink in the cartridge.
  5. Make sure your printer has enough paper.
  6. Do not overbook your patients, causing a “mob scene” in the waiting room. Consider having the patients wait in their cars until your receptionist calls them on their cell phone.
  7. You should call your medical liability carrier to alert them you are seeing patients again in your office.


This list is not meant to be exhaustive; simply a list to start your thinking.

Welcome back!


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