Plumbers can be partners in business with pool builders. Flooring people can be partners with painters. However, physicians, in most states, may not be partners with non-physicians in a medical practice. The theory is, is that the government does not want non-physicians profiting off of someone else’s medical degree; it might cause a non-physician to help make a decision to the medical detriment of a patient. Some states have exceptions to this rule, such as hospitals and nursing homes are often owned by non-physicians. Go figure. In any case, I am constantly both amazed and bothered by the amount of physicians that are either ignorant of the law, or choose to ignore it. So-called Medical Management Companies are notorious for attempting to make big money by running physicians’ practices. They are not allowed to make any decisions involving medical judgment. Prior to getting involved with any such arrangement, it is imperative to check with your health care attorney!


Larry Kobak, Esq.