Dates and Times of Medical Materials

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Dates and Times of Medical Materials

Wake up! It is now 2020. Run, do not walk, to your office, facility, clinic or hospital, and check the dates on ALL of your samples, medications, syringes, sterile gauze, oxygen tanks, fire extinguishers. Make a concerted effort to find the expiration date. We all know that they are not real expiration dates. However, the DOH, OSHA and a dozen other state and federal agencies, will be happy to give you real aggravation, if they somehow ascertain that your office or facility will not “pass inspection”. It only takes one complaint from a “disgruntled employee”, former or otherwise to set this in motion. Additionally, in your refrigerator, do not keep any specimens or samples along with your lunch. Seems so obvious, but I would like a nickel for every time I see it. OK, you have your marching orders. It seems so simple to do, but it is usually never done.

Happy New Year!

Your Legal Briefer:

Larry Kobak, Esq.