“Unbelievable” Opportunities and Why You Should Avoid Them

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“Unbelievable” Opportunities and Why You Should Avoid Them

I know that for the physician and other healthcare providers, times are now tough. I have gotten several calls from clients, just this past week, consisting of various schemes to increase their income. EVERY ONE OF THEM WAS ILLEGAL! It consisted of kickbacks, revenue sharing, straw-man back accounts controlled by non-physicians, etc. Each had a wonderful explanation how technically it was legal. I am here to tell you that the authorities see through these schemes in a matter of seconds, not minutes. Lab rentals of 50 square feet for $10,000 a month, is total nonsense. Any quid pro quo of value, in exchange for patients, is a kick-back. Phony charges and fees by “management companies” will not pass the “sniff test”.

Before agreeing to any of these “unbelievable” opportunities, please run it by your healthcare attorney. It will hopefully save you a lot money and from getting into a whole lot of trouble.


Larry Kobak, Esq.